Custom Home
Custom Home

Building a custom home in Conifer, Colorado

There are many factors that will determine if your custom home can be built within the budget that you have in mind.  First and foremost is the land that you choose.  As a builder, we encourage you to include us in your search for that perfect setting for your custom home.  If you purchase property based only on the purchase price, you may find that the cost to bring in utilities and construct a driveway may be substantially higher due to the terrain of the land.

Selecting the land for your custom home

It is important that the builder and architect are familiar with the Conifer area, designing your home to fit the property using the natural contours of the land.  Site visits are an important part of the planning process with the builder, client and architect to determine proper placement of your custom home.  There are fixed costs associated with any new home that are factored into the square foot cost. The size of a home can be deceiving when trying to determine the cost to build.  A smaller home can cost more to build per square foot than a larger home.  It is less expensive to build up rather than building a larger one level custom home.

The exterior of your custom home

The exterior of your custom home requires a lot of thought to get the best long term value for your investment.  Lower cost, high maintenance exterior finishes can cost much more over a short period of time than going with a minimal to no maintenance exterior finish.  Pay a little more now, but no ongoing yearly maintenance.

The interior of your custom home

There are many options for the interior finishes of your custom home. Not all of them have to be complicated or expensive to achieve the desired look.  By working with the architect and builder, knowing your budget and considering both their suggestions and options, you can achieve an interior much more beautiful than you expected.

Seek experienced professionals that are knowledgeable about Conifer

It is important to understand that most effective way to make your custom home a reality is to align yourself with a builder that is knowledgeable of the Conifer area and experienced in all phases of the construction process.  We will work with the architect, and you, to keep the project on track, in budget and on time.

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