stucco exterior for high elevation homesHigher elevations, such as Conifer, Colorado, pose a real challenge for home exterior finishes. The ultra violet rays (UV) are brutal on exteriors. The majority of exteriors are either wood or a cement board siding at higher elevations.

Home Exterior Finishes for High Elevation

Wood requires staining on a frequent basis, especially the south side. Cement products are primed and painted. Paint tends to fade quickly. If you paint wood, it traps moisture and peels. Paint does not do well at higher elevations.

What we have found that holds up very well at high elevations is Stucco. If the right products are used and installed correctly, you have a superior finish without constant maintenance. No peeling, no rotting. And Stucco is very competitively priced compared to wood or cement board siding.

There are many types of finishes with Stucco as well as stone accents. Your home maintains it charm and you are not paying for upkeep every three to five years. We have been using Stucco on exteriors since the mid 1990’s and it has held up extremely well. I have been so impressed with the durability of Stucco, that I did my own home 8 years ago. It still looks fantastic, and I have no maintenance.

Home Exterior Finishes for High Elevation
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